Fees …  

Unfortunately “proper” financial planning advice is not free!

The firm charges fees for investment planning, wealth management, financial planning and consultancy services. We agree the costs of our advice and services in advance and every client has the choice of paying our fees directly or via commission, or by a combination of the two.

We do not aim to be the cheapest but we aim to provide complete satisfaction. If this means rewriting a report until it is exactly what is required to meet your objectives then we will do it as many times as necessary!

OUR GUARANTEE: All our recommendations to you will be put in writing, normally in the form of a report. If there are any aspects of our recommendations that do not meet your stated objectives we will provide a revised report completely FREE.

Financial Planning Services

We charge fair and transparent fees, similar to other professional advisers such as lawyers and accountants.  

An initial discussion is free of charge and obligation, with no charges accruing until you have agreed them with us, and signed a fee agreement that details the services we will provide and how much they will cost.

Investment Planning and Management Services

We provide non-discretionary investment planning and management services which means that our clients are involved with the decision making process at all times. 

We aim to manage risk by using asset allocated portfolio modelling after appropriate discussions with our clients about their circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk.

We have no minimum investment, although our services are most appropriate to portfolios over £50,000.

The advice and implementation fee is normally 1% of the funds available for investment.

Annual management fees are 1% of the total funds monitored. Our service provides ongoing management and administration and will include an annual valuation and review including asset allocation.

We can also offer more frequent reviews for an additional annual fee. Please ask us for further details.

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