Research & Review Criteria

Our investment planning research is conducted on an asset allocation basis employing consensus models of Cautious, Balanced and Aggressive portfolios. 

The consensus models are based on Optimised Portfolio Modelling and the asset allocation is determined by using a sophisticated financial model. The model attempts to determine an optimal combination of different asset classes to predict the maximum mathematically expected return for your chosen level of risk. Such an advanced approach to building portfolios is not normally possible for retail investors and would typically only be done by institutional investors and pension fund managers.  

The portfolios are split into asset sectors and suitable funds chosen within these sectors. These criteria are used both in our selection of funds for new portfolios and in the review process for existing portfolios.

Our fund selection and review criteria have been developed over many years and are based on statistical analysis and rigorous mathematical principles.

Recent copies of our fund research sheets are available by clicking below.

Investment Funds (Unit Trusts & OEICs)

Life Funds

Our Fund Selection & Review Criteria

We also have standard notes available on the following:-


Life Funds

Investment Funds (Unit Trusts & OEICS)

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